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Okay, so last night I also got to see the premier of The Dresden Files. Mind you, I've been a Jim Butcher fan for a while now, and had a bit of apprehension when it came to Sci Fi basically screwing up a perfectly good series... They happen to do this to just about everything that came originally from a book as far as I can tell. Dune was about the only exception and even that was different from the book. We won't even discuss Earthsea.... This is mostly because I didn't see it, but only heard about the horrors.

The main problem, as near as I can tell, is that Sci Fi is owned by USA.... Read "Lowest Common Denominator CRAP".. USA execs are usually the driving force for me Not watching TV. Canned Farscape... Didn't pick up Firefly (though that's probably a Good thing...) And lets not forget the royal screw around that JMS had to go through with 'em. Were they renewing Crusade or not?? Hard to tell at the time. So, when it came down to the Dresden Files, I tried to keep an open mind, even despite the early news that things were not always according to the way Butcher writes....

Okay, the good... This'll be quick.
The guy they got to actually play Harry does a pretty good job at the character. That's the good news... The general tone of the series and how Butcher portrays things is more or less in line... So long as that line is say, the Grand Canyon.. The one thing that they got right is that Harry often times gets the crap kicked out of him. That's about it.

This ep had corax in it.. Okay.. One good point there..

The bad...

There are a HUGE number of ways that the series is different from the books. It seems like the TV execs got together in some obscene circle jerk with a bunch of hack writers and basically got Butcher to sign his work away to be this weeks entry in a Mary Sue "Fix it and fuck it yourself" contest.

Bob... For those of you who have read the books... Question, is Bob a spirit, or some half ass lame quasi holodeck character played by some Tim Curry impersonator?? No seriously.. The porn loving, dirty minded Bob that we know and love almost comes across as a "Charmed" throwback from somebodys over moralled familier. That alone warrants my dislike for this show already.

And what crack smoking molestee of Micheal Jacksons menstruating monkey decided that Harry lives in JERSEY!?!?!? Try Chicago, you Hacks.. I mean, you can't have Mac's in Jersey. He's got too damned much class for that..

The White Council became the High Council.. Execs always prefer the dope..

And Murphy... How do I properly convey "thou shalt not fuck with Murphy" to these people with mere conventional means of torture?? I mean, glass cathiders and burning splinters in places alone just cannot convey enough imperative. You LEAVE MURPHY THE WAY BUTCHER WROTE HER!! She's SHORT, she's BLONDE, she's IRISH, she's a COP, and she KICKS ASS. Get the chick that plays Starbuck on BSG to play her.. Just drop the angst and up the tude, and you've got it about right. That might work. Oh, and her first name is KAREN... Not Connie.. Murphy is in no way a "Connie".. Not hillbilly enough for a Connie. Not Country enough. Soul Wracking.. I need someone who can actually Soul Wrack these guys.. Perhaps we can just drop 'em off in a Taliban camp and let 'em entertain there for about ten minutes.

This pilot was a damned good contender for the worst I've ever seen. Worse than DS 9, worse than LEXX, worse than... Just about everything.

And despite all that, if you took Butcher out of it.. If you've Never read the books, nor had the expectations, it might be and okay low budget show. I'd say about the lines of Dr. Who.

Now then, as for BSG.... *sighs* Okay, story arc is a good concept, but I'm getting rather tired of Starbuck whining, playing the woman who wants it all, in her crotch, make it vibrate, and NOW kplzthnks... I'm tired of watching Apollo be this wishy washy dick thinking idiot who doesn't realize what a good thing he has.. I really want to see another boxing ep where Adama gets in the ring and beats enough sense into Lee that he doesn't loose his marriage. I want Sharon to kick Roslin's ass for what she did. I'm talking this show needs Springer.. And chairs.. And get it out of their system.. Then they can go about leaving the angst to the Cylons..

However, I'm learning one good moral from BSG.. Man should not try to create life without first ridding himself of The Dramaz, their kids and creations will inherit it.

Date: 2007-01-22 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Re: The Dresden Files...
If I'd never read the books, I might have thought it was okay. But, like you, there were too many inconsistencies from the books for me to really enjoy it. I have no clue why they cast a person to stand in for Bob. Why not just computer animate the skull he lives in? And I never got the impression that Bob had a British accent... O.o Murphy is just... well, the oft-cursed Murphy's Law seems to have gotten hold of our beloved Irish butt-kicking cop. *sighs unhappily* I'm still willing to give the series a few eps and see where it goes, but I'm not happy with it thus far.

I am NOT happy that they are painting Starbuck as the "Chosen One", whatever that is. Why lionize that little twit? She needs a SEVERE attitude adjustment, and that right quick, because at the moment she is definitely NOT hero material. Hell, talking with Lee's wife on the shuttle, she almost sounded PROUD of how messed up she is. O.o

Date: 2007-01-23 12:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thought you might be interested in this. (,1289.0.html) Also, it turns out that what we saw last night was Episode 3, NOT the first one. *sighs* Here we go with Firefly all over again... O.o

Date: 2007-01-23 03:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hoo boy. *apprehensive grumble* I've been so so warned... :(

Date: 2007-01-23 04:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yea, if you've read the books, and you Liked the books... Don't watch the series... It will leave you with the need to bite someone.

Date: 2007-01-23 09:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It would be worth a chunk of the security deposit to leave a bite mark on the walls. :P

Date: 2007-01-23 04:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
BOB IS NOT THE SKULL?????? *RAGE!!!!!!!!!*

WTF???!??!? I KNEW this series was a bad idea!! and I totally agree with you on the "Earthsea" comment! Ugh.. someone should shoot the person who wrote that screenplay adaption.

I want a new Harry book. :( something thats goign to wash the taste of this series out of my mouth..

Date: 2007-01-23 04:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The next Dresden Files book comes out in April ( It's called White Night

Date: 2007-01-23 04:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not only is Bob not in the skull, they claim he's a ghost, not a spirit.. And I always read Bob to sound like Belushi from Animal House (it's in Chicago, why not..), and instead they've got this guy... How do I put this... It's what happens when you put Curry on meth for a few months and give him bad goth makeup, sap half the wit, and make it to where Bob is telling HARRY to do the "right thing"... WTFH?!?


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