Dec. 1st, 2006

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Last night was the sorta night where EVERYTHING happened. Managers, staff, and just about everyone off duty for my company decided to show up on my site.. Why, you ask?? Well, it could possibly be to see the car that they sent out to me the night before with what turned out to be a cracked intake manifold, that leaked coolant like a sieve. It could be because they were bored.. I don't know, I don't care, they weren't there to help any, I can tell you that. It was also the day that I had a transient in the site shopping with his personal baggage in the cart (and if that doesn't scream "I'm here to shoplift" I don't personally know what does..). And to top it all off, I got the Skater Rebellion out there.

This, in my industry, is about the most annoying subculture a guy can run into. These guys seem to get off on giving ANY authority figure a hard time. It's a game. One of the game the local chapter likes to play is "Stone the Security Guard." No, I'm not kidding, it's been done to me twice now. No hits on me personally, but the cruiser I'm driving has taken some hits. Well, last night, after once again kicking the kids off the property for skating/trick riding (something they've been asked nicely about, something they've been TOLD about, something they've been WARNED about, and something they get a kick out of doing..). And while I lament in my cruiser about how Old I'm feeling wondering where respect and things like it went (and gods yes, some days on this job I feel like a fuddy duddy wondering where respect for the law went and muttering odd terms like "whippersnapper" to myself...). And in the middle of what feels like big brother doing an appraisal of me, I get pretty much an almost two page day (in security parlance, one can tell how bad a day is by the amount of paperwork needed to document it properly, a one page day is normal.. I've had an 8 page day.. ).

So, at about 8 or so, I'm pretty much wiped for the day, wanting nothing more than to go home and curl up around Gryph and call a bad day a bad day. Then I get a "THUMP" on the car, and I know the Rebellion is back and throwing rocks again and brandishing a bit of bravado.. *sighs and rolls eyes and wishes for tasers or tranks for the morons* And here I feel old wondering where good old fashioned corporal punishment went, I glance up into the rear view mirror to see to heads duck back behind the recycling trailer in the parking lot.. Well, okay, guys, even cops and security guards have bad days.. Even saints get grumbly on occasion, and I was feeling the kind of frustration that comes with clenched fists... And in my moment of utter idiocy, I circled around quickly, looking for the two, grabbing my camera. I don't see them as I'm circling, so I park the car and get out. No, it's not the best tactical decision I can make, but I've HAD it with the antics at this point in the day.

I circle the trailer on foot, and I'm glad I did, because I actually discovered my assailants have been even more idiotic than I imagine them.. They decided that being clever meant hiding from me wedged in between the trailers of the recycling center.. Um, here's your sign.. And in a gloating moment, I can say that good will win because evil is just plain stupid on occasion.. My assailants, brave enough to throw rocks when they think I'm not looking get kinda bashful when I tell him to look at me.. Why do you want to cover your face?? Hrm?? Aw, come on.. Be man enough to look me in the eye or shave that pitiful excuse for a mustache off...

Well, these two say that they're coming out, they didn't do anything, the usual "Oh Crap, I'm Busted!" routine.. And when the first one gets even partially out, he's off and running.. A sprinter.. Well, at the moment my brain goes "Oh don't you even DARE run" and I'm hot on his heels.. And then my thirty something body rings up to my righteous indignation and says "Um, hey, yea, about this running stuff... I'm glad you're working off steam, but you, um, how to put this nicely, haven't run in ten years.. Biking doesn't cut it.. and you're now out of gas, have a nice day...." So my raptorial sprinting stoop pooped out and I let this idiot get away, but not before getting off one last shot.. And the kid thinks I've got him on camera, so methinks I won't see them around for a while yet.


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