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My overall review is simply as follows: Download this movie if you want to see it, but don't spend money on it. It falls firmly into the category of films that Will Smith has starred in where he was the ONLY GOOD thing about the movie.

I'll give you the Tagg Condensed Version here:

The movie starts off with what seems to be Stan Lee at the helm of the writers crew. There is discussion of the lighthearted antics of a drunk and not well loved anti hero. Hancock is an obvious drunk. He has an attitude that comes solidly from the treatment and "thanks" he gets from an unappreciative public. Of course, being drunk half the time and usually causing about as much damage to property and life as he ends up saving doesn't go too far towards endearing him to anyone. Still, Smith carries this role well, and he plays the character well. I laughed in parts. "If you don't get out of my way, your head is going up his ass..." Loved that part.

But then, it seems that some other writer in a Niel Gaiman mask, possibly M. Night Shyamalan, starts creeping in and jerking the camera and the writing direction around. The result is that the first half of the movie doesn't at ALL resemble the second half. In fact, if you saw the trailers, you saw the first half of the movie. You also saw most of the good parts. The second half is hidden like a classic Bait and Switch routine. Critical elements to a good superhero movie (like a Main Antagonist) don't show up and instead the storyline falls apart, tries to come back as something else, and the backstory for Hancock becomes this almost weeping remake of Unbreakable.

There's a weird tension introduced between the superhero and the marketing guy's wife, and it's NOT subtle. It's almost regurgitated in your face with regularity as if to say "Hey, we're trying to be subtle, but you clueless people Need To See This." It's almost insulting. You can't call it foreshadowing, because foreshadowing generally Hints, and this doesn't, it beats a concept into you and seems to demand that you wait for the reason. It grinds on a persons patience. The pseudo foreshadowing leads to a mini climax in the middle of the film that signals the death of the lighthearted superhero film and starts the series of WTF moments with the audience that whimpers, jerks along, and then devolves into it's rigor mortis end. And then like a bad stage play, the real ending gets back up, stops jerking (perhaps the other writers got together and duct taped Shyamalan into a corner somewhere in order to highjack the movie back to a proper superhero movie, but by then it's too late and all that's left is the after climax that Viagra couldn't even save..) and closes with what should have been a superhero ending... But the path taken completely invalidates the ending of the movie, it's almost thrown in like a tissue after a bad date and worse sex by an unapologetic waste of a human being calling itself a wonderful lover. And this concept, I think, speaks volumes of either the writer, the director, or perhaps both...

End result: Jerky cinematography, no plot, a direction that flip flopped more than a presidential candidate this time around, and One good character dumped on Will Smith to carry through. And sorry to say, but Superman would've caved under this one. I agree with my wife. This, like I Am Legend, is a clunky film that starred Will Smith, but wasn't quite Redeemed by Will Smith.
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