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Of course I had to see this, it was a Disney Pixar flick. :) I blame my wife. She wants to pinch Wall E's cheeks. She thinks he's cute.

This film is very visual to start with, and the first almost three quarters of the movie will have no dialog between characters. Humans don't even enter into things until the latter part of the movie, and to me this just adds to the enjoyment of it. It starts on a future earth so trashed out that the human race just left it to a crew of robots to clean up. I know, I know, not too encouraging for the human race there, but I tend to notice that Pixar tends to make it's characters human, and the "humans" into cartoons. This film is no different in this regard, and while the kids enjoy it, I see a good deal many "adults" bristling at it.

Good. The message there applies to a good deal many of these "adults".

And I'll ignore that for the time being and get back to the review. The movie starts with the main character, a trash bot of rather well known name, alone on earth Still cleaning up the mess humanity left behind and has actually evolved enough to start saving the tidbits of triumph that those silly humans have actually created. As much as he's cleaning, stacking the trash into blocks and models of the other skyscrapers around (a purely grim reminder of what could be), and his only other sentient friend seems to be the last cockroach, the film is still kept lively despite what would otherwise be very grim subject matter.

Then the arrival comes, and a ship drops off a probe bot, who our humble custodial bot is instantly in innocent love with. Despite the fact that "she's" armed for bear, and possibly Aliens. O.o It's kinda cute in a gun bunny bot loves the janitor kinda way. Antics ensue, and Eve finds a PLANT on earth and goes into "directive" mode, taking the plant and preserving it to report back to her bosses. She has no choice in this, and there is a bit of the limitations of artificial intelligence and the striving to overcome those limits. Our janitor cum knight in aluminum armor goes to "save" his new friend and ends up stowing away on the ship that takes them both back to the large Ark ship that Humanity's been resting on it's collective laurels for the past, oh, 900 years or so.

This is the part where a lot of people get disgusted with the film. Humanity, it seems, has degraded into a bunch of self absorbed slobs who can't even get out of their own hooverchairs or quit talking on video IM for a moment to even notice that they have little amenities like a pool or a gym or that there are even stars outside the ship.

Yes, humanity, this is YOU in a short 900 years of American Idol and Hollywood and big business doing a number on you. Humanity's been kept fat and happy while earth gets the trash cleaned up. Catch is, if an EVE probe finds a plant, then they have the clearance to go Back to earth and start anew.

Problem is, the last bits of humanity almost 700 years ago told the ship's AI autopilot Not to return them to earth under any circumstance. They quit trying to clean it up. And this one Wall E is all that's left to clean up that mess for almost a millennium. Talk about short straw..

There is a showdown between EVE, Wall E, and a lot of renegade bots, and the captain of the ship actually learns of what humanity was before they became fat happy slugs in chairs, and in a moment of rare human triumph stands up, literally the first human to do so in a few centuries, and regains control of his fate and that of humanity as a whole, and reaffirms to go back to earth and start anew.

Of course, the triumph of the end of the movie, where humanity reclaims itself, seems to get lost on a lot of critics. All they see is the fat happy slugs and they seem to look in fear of what they know to be them if the opportunity presented itself. Personally, the slugs didn't offend me in the slightest. I think the movie was right on target there. And the message at the end that humanity can work, but it Has to Work to be that triumph, is utterly refreshing to see in a movie these days. In a rare moment, I'd honestly say YES GET THIS FOR YOUR KIDS AND MAKE THEM WATCH IT. If you bitch about the message that "Yes, hard work pays off" then go be that slug and get off my planet....

I was happy with the film. And like my wife, I want to pinch Wall E's cheeks and thank him. Good job Pixar. Good job.
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